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Year 5-6

Art Study - Henri Rousseau


Participation in the Hamble D-Day 75th Anniversary Service

Atlas and Map Work

Maths - Fractions - Year 5

Maths - Fractions - Year 6

Maths - Fractions - Year 6  1

History - Would you rather have lived...?

Artwork - A Study of and work in the style of Picasso

Harvest Assembly, written and hosted by Oscar and Peggy

All posts below this point relate to the academic year 2017/18.

English and PSHE work based on Journey to Jo'Burg by Beverely Naidoo

History - Crime and Punishement, historical study over a period of time.

Visiting The Tower of London as part of the Crime and Punishment theme

English / History - Analysing Sources of Evidence

Science in Year 5/6