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Year 5-6

Year 6 Residential Trip to Runway's End

We had such a great time on our residential trip. We did lots of activities such as canoeing, caving and climbing. We all showed all of our school value; belonging by taking care of eachother and encouraging ourselves, aspiration by pushing ourselves when we found something challenging and lots and lots of courage. Our teachers are so proud of us - just look at their smiley faces! :) 

Reading in Year 5/6

Miss Leonard is in the process of creating a 'Reading Passport' for everyone at Hamble, so she thought she'd ask for some of our ideas.

Theme Week 1 (2022-2023 - 'America del Sur' Geography with a focus on the Amazon Basin. 

We have begun our 2022-2023 school year with our fantastic 'America del Sur' Geography Theme all about the Amazon basin. This theme has allowed us to revisit our knowledge of rivers and build on our school knowledge thread of 'Life on a River'. We began by revisiting our previous rivers knowledge and latitude and longitude which involved a 'Battleships' style game in the hall and drawing the latitude and longitude on balloons that represented the world! We looked at biomes and how these link to the Amazon basin, created our own rainforest flipbooks and created and researched our own hypotheses. We even managed to use our sketching art from our 'Class Swap' days for our front covers. Of course, some worked looked different in Year 5 to Year 6 but we all did a brilliant job. We were also really lucky to have our parents in for a Theme Outcome and our teachers made sure that they knew exactly what to ask us. What a week!