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Landscape Strategy Project

In 2021-22 we embarked on an exciting project to develop our school grounds. This project will form part of the School Improvement Priorities for the next 5 years. We will be looking for local businesses and community support in helping to fund some of these developments and to provide resources or assistance where required. 


October/November 2021: A member of Hampshire Landscape Team visited and worked with pupils on evaluating current use of the school grounds and then thinking about what they might like to see in the future. The same session was carried out with school staff, parents, governors and Friends of the School to ensure it is a real community project.


December 2021: A focus group formed consisting of 2 members of staff, a governor and the school's Head Pupils. This group worked on formulating a plan! 


February 2022: A draft plan has been formulated. The next step is to rate the areas for improvement green, amber or red in terms of how quickly and easily the developments can happen.

September 2022 - After collecting donations from our local community, we now have some 'loose parts' as part of our outside provision for break and lunchtimes. This was on our action plan (marked as Areas 7a and 7b on the plan above) and we are pleased to see changes start to take place. 


January 2023 - The designs have been approved for our new natural playscape area and installation is planned over the Easter holidays. 

'Loose Parts' as part of our break and lunchtime provision



April 2023 - The new natural playscape (marked as Area 9 on the plan above) is created! Here you can see the plans which show the style of equipment installed in this area. All of the features of this were chosen by our landscaping team in the initial phase of this project, which included children from all year groups, staff, parents, governors and Friends of the School.



Area 9 - Natural Play Space Designs

February 2024 - Our Friendship Bench provided by Lazy Susan Furniture

Friendship Bench