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Who's Who

Round and about the school you will find...


Senior Leadership Team


Mrs N Rickman - Headteacher

Mrs C Hewitt -  Deputy Headteacher

Mrs J Spooner - Assistant Headteacher (Year 3/4 Learning Leader) - currently on maternity leave

Miss N Vost - SENDCo (Acting Assistant Headteacher and Y3/4 Leader)





In the Office you will find...


Mrs C Wilding - School Business Manager

Mrs S Wright - Senior Administration Assistant

Mrs P Smith - Reception/Administration Assistant

Year R (Reception) Teaching and Learning Staff:


Miss S Farmiloe - Class Teacher of Meerkats SF (EYFS Learning Leader) 

Mrs C Street - Class Teacher of Meerkats CS


Learning Support Assistants: Mrs D Dyke, Mrs J Woodley  

Year 1 and Year 2 Teaching and Learning Staff:


Year 1

Mrs S Lewis - Teacher of Owl Class     Miss Robyn Fitzgerald (class teacher from Feb/March 2020 when Mrs Lewis goes on maternity leave)

Miss M Wilkins - Teacher of Leopard Class


Learning Support Assistants: Mrs S Dobromylska, Miss C Hansford, Mrs  Butterworth, Mrs Orsmond


Year 2

Miss S Ledger - Teacher of Penguin Class

Miss C Hall - Teacher of Flamingo Class


Learning Support Assistants: Miss Wells, Mrs Butterworth, Mrs Orsmond



Year 3 and Year 4 Teaching and Learning staff:


Year 3

Miss L Mole - Teacher of Rhino Class

Mrs N Morgan/Miss N Vost - Teachers of Kangaroo Class


Learning Support Assistants - Mrs A Ray, Mrs C Wood


Year 4

Mrs J Spooner - Teacher of Panda Class (Year 3/4 Learning Leader) - currently on maternity leave    

Miss M Cade  - Teacher of Panda Class

Miss L McLaughlin - Teacher of Koala Class


Learning Support Assistants - Ms L Martin

Year 5 and Year 6 Teaching and Learning Staff:


Miss R Leonard - Class Teacher of Elephant Class (Year 5/6 Learning Leader)

Mr J Hudson - Class Teacher of Dolphin Class

Miss G Walters - Class Teacher of Giraffe Class


Learning Support Assistants: Mrs J Howard, Mrs H Kingswell (also Librarian), Miss C Pointer 


Additional Teaching Staff:


Mrs L Callaghan - Outdoor Learning Leader

Mrs J Matthews - French/PPA Cover





Site Staff/Lunchtime Staff


Mr A Guenigault - Caretaker

Mrs W Stubbs - Midday Supervisor

Mrs C Green - Midday Supervisor

Miss B Masters - Midday Supervisor