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EARA Group (Equalities and Rights Advocates)

Hello! We are the EARA Group at Hamble Primary School.


EARA stands for Equality and Rights Advocates and we are part of a Hampshire project who promote the values of equality and fairness, ensure that our school listens to the voice of the children and follow the children's rights from the United Nations Conventions of the Rights of the Child.



Our logo represents the concept of being heard and having the voice of the child, no matter who they are, listened to.

Our Mission Statement


We are here to ensure the protection of children's rights.

We are here to make sure children's voices are heard.

We are hear to promote equality in and around our school.

We are hear to inform others of the importance of children's rights.

We are the EARA Group!

In October, we hosted the Autumn Term EARA meeting for all schools with their own EARA groups in our area. We had 6 different schools join us and it was great to share what we have all be up to, to promote equality and rights in our settings. We read out our acrostic poems to the other schools. We wrote them to have up around our school to inform others all about EARA and remind them of the importance of equality and children's rights. You can read our acrostic poems below smiley


During this meeting, we had a guest speaker called Rosie who came to talk to us all about her experiences of growing up with Autism. Rosie shared about how she was treated differently at school, just because she thought or acted differently to her peers. She was so excited that schools now have EARA groups and promote diversity and equality. She presented us with our official EARA badges which we were super excited about!

Receiving our badges!

EARA Acrostic Poems

Equality in our Curriculum

United Nations Conventions of the Rights of the Child