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Recycle Week


To help make children more aware of Recycle Week, the Eco-Team presented an assembly to their peers about the importance of recycling and the different types of material that can be recycled.


They then set up their own recycling station outside so that children could properly dispose of their snack and lunch food wrappers.





Tuesday 27th September 2022


Hello from the Eco Team!


Today we met for the first time since we were elected representatives for the eco committee. We spent some time talking about our meetings and what they are going to include and then spent some time working on our group submission for the Greenpeace Poems for the Planet competition.


Our Environment


We love the smell of the flowers and how the bees make honey.

We love the different weathers especially when it’s sunny.

We love it how gravity can craft rivers and mountains.

Making waterfalls into their own natural fountains.


We love that so many animals can live in one place.

And plants can grow, all at their own pace.

And the wonders of space.

And the rain of my face.


We love how green the nature is in summer, winter and spring.

It’s nature, we love everything!


We love the natural wonders of nature.


Want to have a go yourself? Head over to Greenpeace and find out more!