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Year 3

The woods.


As I walk in to the woods, I can hear the green, wet leaves crunching under my feet. As I walk onto the fragile sticks, they start to snap, crackle and break. All around me, the autumn leaves drift slowly downwards and land without a sound on the floor. As I stand there listening to the chirping, black birds, I look up at the green, towering trees. When the wind blows, you can see them swaying. As I look up I can see the clear blue sky above me and it doesn't have any clouds in.

- Annabelle, Giraffe Class


As I walk into the woods, I hear sticks snap, crack and break. All around me, the amazing trees loose their leaves and the poisonous fungus climbs the trees. High in the branches, ivy grows up the trunks and branches of the trees. Much higher than the treetops or the soaring birds is the pale, blue sky that even on a cold winter morning is getting clearer.

- Dexter, Giraffe Class


As I walk into the woods I can see the humungous, squidgy mushrooms split apart slowly under my feet. When I go further and further into the woods I start to see more, different sized mushrooms. Now, I can feel the cool breeze as I go deeper into the woods. The fragile leaves start falling onto my face and when I walk, I can feel the sticks break under my feet. As I look up to the pale, blue sky I can see the cotton soft clouds drifting as fast as birds flying.

- Evan, Giraffe Class


Writing in the woods!

Year 3 2022-23

Summer 2 Theme Outcome - Thank you parents for joining us!

Local area study - Geographical Fieldwork - We had a great time counting the vehicles in Hamble!

We've gone green! - These children can all answer their times tables in under 6 seconds! How amazing!

New timber trail!

Concrete Maths - we are loving these resources!

Winchester Cathedral trip!

Do you know how to stay safe online? Year 3 do!

Yoga time!

Library time


We are really enjoying our library time every Wednesday! It is a great opportunity to explore some new books and have some quiet reading time.


Art - Anglo-Saxon Jewellery