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Who's Who

Round and about the school you will find...


Mrs Rickman ( Headteacher) and Mrs Hewitt (Deputy Headteacher)


Mrs Damant (Inclusion Manager / SENCO)


Mr Curtis our Site Manager.



In the Office you will find...


Ms Hughes (Business Manager), Mrs Wright and Ms Tizzard

Year R (Reception) teaching and learning staff:


Miss Davis (EYFS Leader) and Mrs Street (class teachers), Mrs Dyke and Mrs Woodley and Mrs Goddard  (Early Years Assistants)

Year 1 and Year 2 teaching and learning staff:


Year 1

Mrs Denyer-Hampton (class teacher of Leopards), Miss Wilkins (class teacher of Lions) and Mrs Dobromylska.


Year 2

Miss Vost (class teacher of Giraffes class and Year 1/2 Leader), Mrs Lennard  (teacher of Elephant class), Ms Martin and Mrs Bolwell (Learning Support Staff)



Year 3 and Year 4 teaching and learning staff:


Miss Pratt (class teacher of Tigers class and Year 3/4 Leader), Miss Churcher (class teacher of Zebra class), Mrs Annis (class teacher of Pandas class), Mrs Orsmond, Ms Wells and Mrs Kingwell (learning Support Staff)

Year 5 and Year 6 teaching and learning staff:


Mrs Hewitt (Y5/6 Learning Leader and maths class teacher), Miss McLaughlin (class teacher of Snow Leopards class), Mr Hudson (class teacher of Dolphins class), Miss Mole (class teacher of Rhinos class), Mrs Howard, Mrs Callaghan and Mrs Butterworth  (Learning Support Staff)



Additional Teaching Staff:


Mrs Hale (Outdoor Learning Leader and Class Cover / Forest Schools teacher)


Mrs Rickman (Y1/2 PPA Cover Teacher), Mrs Damant (Y3/4, 5/6 PPA Cover Teacher)