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Who's Who

Round and about the school you will find...


Mrs Rickman ( Headteacher) and Mrs Hewitt (Deputy Headteacher)


Mrs Damant (Inclusion Manager / SENCO)


Mr Curtis our Site Manager.



In the Office you will find...


Ms Hughes (Business Manager), Mrs Wright, Ms Tizzard and Mrs DeFranca

Year R (Reception) teaching and learning staff:


Miss Davis (EYFS Leader) and Miss Denyer-Hampton (class teachers), Mrs Brown, Mrs Dyke and Mrs Kingswell  (Early Years Assistants)

Year 1 and Year 2 teaching and learning staff:


Year 1/2

Miss Vost (class teacher of Giraffes class and Year 1/2 Leader), Mrs Lennard  (teacher of Elephant class), Miss Churcher (teacher of Zebras class), Mrs Dobromylska, Ms Martin and Mrs Bolwell (Learning Support Staff)



Year 3 and Year 4 teaching and learning staff:


Miss Pratt (teacher of Tigers class and Year 3/4 Leader), Miss Mole (teacher of Rhinos class), Miss Caush (teacher of Penguins class), Mrs Orsmond, Mrs Howard and Mrs Hale (Learning Support Staff)

Year 5 and Year 6 teaching and learning staff:


Miss Hedger (teacher of Snow Leopards class), Mr Hudson (teacher of Dolphins class), Mr Whiting (teacher of Koalas class and Year 5/6 Leader), Mrs Howard,  Mrs Kingswell, Mrs Callaghan and Mrs Butterworth  (Learning Support Staff)

Additional Teaching Staff:


Mrs Collyer and Mrs Bevan


Mrs Gibbard (Outdoor Leader and Forest School Teacher)


PE Coaches:


Coach Ashley and Coach Leo (from R and R Sports Coaching)