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Journey So Far...


ECO Team journey so far...

So far the Eco-Committee have had two meetings. We have completed an audit of the school  and discussed the points we would like on our action plan, they are as follows:
  •  Make the whole school community more aware of what we are doing as a group.
    •  Posters
    • Assemblies
    •  Information leaflets
  • Make our school grounds more eco-supportive
    • Plant more trees
    • Look into the possibility of solar panels for the school
    • Take part in the "School clean up" and "School switch off" weeks
  •  Compost and Recycling
    • Ensure that the recycling station is fully functioning
    • Recycling spot check on classrooms 
    • Raise money for some compost bins for the playground


Our next meeting  is scheduled for 9th March.