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Hamble Primary School Curriculum Statement and Content Overview


The Curriculum at Hamble Primary School is designed to serve our aims, which are intended outcomes of what we want for our children when they leave us at the end of Year 6.


All year groups to start September with a revision of / introduction to the UNCRC, the outcome from this is the Class Charter.

A history unit follows this: the key threads through these units are Childhood / Society and Civilisation (to include laws, democracy and the way that society was set up during that time). The reasons for this is to give the children a common thread in which to relate to aspects of historical life studied, allowing for over-learning and giving the children opportunities to make links across and within societies. The unit of historical study in Key Stage 2 which requires the study of a theme in British History that extends their chronological knowledge beyond 1066 (Crime and Punishment) will then be informed by the studies of society and civilisation built up over time.

Each history unit should have linked geography elements that consider land use as part of the reasons for aspects of history at the time and the development of societies across the time period.

Theme Weeks are used to introduce the unit, ensuring that children gain the required knowledge, this means that subsequent Core Weeks can draw on and utilise this knowledge across the rest of the half-term/term. There may be more than one Theme Week per unit, depending upon content. Links with other curriculum subjects are made as and when appropriate.

Theme Weeks allow the children to become fully immersed in the foundation subjects, such as history or geography, or may allow for extended time to be given to a piece of art work, or a DT project. Each Theme Week will have a specific focus and the organisation may be different each time. Children will still participate in PE during these weeks.

Core Weeks are what may be considered the more traditional organisation of a school week. Each year group will have a daily maths and a daily English session. There is a planned afternoon of science to ensure appropriate coverage of the National Curriculum objectives for Science. PE is part of the week, as is Computing.



Curriculum Key Knowledge Threads

This overview demonstrates our commitment to a recursive curriculum, in which key knowledge is built on throughout a child's time at Hamble Primary. 

Effective Learner Statements

These statements underpin all teaching of the foundation subjects across the school. They state the key skills in which we want our children to be competent, in each of the non-core subjects.